Thursday, August 03, 2017

Hermo Malaysia for the first time !

Assalamualaikum :)
okay now I dah rajin update blog hihi ;) *terasa teruja dengan diri sendiri*🌙

Fyi, I really love online shopping ! people said that if we are buying online thingy, when the thing arrived then you will feel like you got a gift for yourself . I FEEL IT ! SERIOUSLY !

Hermo is an online beauty shop Malaysia where you can find a wide range of beauty products from korea and also products from Maybelline, Garnier, Nyx etc etc and dont worry, its 100% authentic 
This is my first time shopping with HERMO MALAYSIA and for the very first time, I want to say that I am very impressed and totally in love with hermo ! I will definitely  purchase more from Hermo hihi .
 I already make a second order with Hermo btw ;)

 For hermo, I give 5 out of  5 star !
why ?

  • Price !!! So affordable and banyak discount and banyak sale hmmmm nangis* . Tak caye pergi jenguk dekat now ! 
  • Free shipping when purchase 2 item and more ! and even if you have to pay for shipping for an item , you just have to pay RM6.80 . I really love free shipping tau ;)
  • You can choose any courier that you like and I choose GDEX 
  • Various of payment method :  Credit/Debit Card , Online Banking , Paypal , MolPay, Manual Transfer ( atm/ bank transfer ) 


Here it is my parcel from HERMO : )

All Products in bubble wrap ! Semua rapi je hihi

what I bought ?
1) Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam
2) Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Blotting Paper

Actually, I just want to buy the cleanser but to get a free shipping so, I bought that blotting paper hehe . The packaging was cute though ! 

Nanti rajin, I post about the cleanser . I totally love it  ;) Thank you for your time hehe .
 Assalamualaikum :)

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

sleepover with my high school girls !

Tuesday 17/7
Its our first sleepover together after a loooong time !! Me, Aina Syahirah, Qurratul and Syerahusna !
Finally, our plan goes really well yeay yeay alahmdulillah . Dulu duduk asrama selaluu sangat gosip sesama borak sesama tido sesama hikhik rindu :'(

We stayed for one day and one night at Syerahusna's homestay which is just near my house hahaha 5 MINUTES drive je tau uollssss feeling2 tido dekat luar pulak kan hikhik !!
All of us had planned to make a barbeque party at night yehuu so, we brought along all the stuff for bbq

My friends arrived at the house in the afternoon while I had to wait for my little brother finished his school at 4.30P.M and asked my father to send me straightly to the syahirah's house hikhik. So, as soon as I arrived at there, we had Dominos together  . *Typing while craving sobs

And then, we walked outside near the playground in the evening and had ice cream sebab ada pakcik jual ice cream lalu and then bunyi matcool matcool kawanku .............

At Night, after everyone already had shower and perform solat maghrib, we prepared all the ingredients for Tomyam and bbq party yeah and start !!!! I'll show you the picture okay :p

 Then, we had a mask timeeeeeeee ! and selfies time ! hihi. . Please just ignore our face because I know its look so weird hahahahah LOL , But I am gonna share it jugak . I dont care wek

hewwwwwww :p

Okay, dah cantik ! 


Cantik ke idokkkk ! HAHA 

Excuse us please . I just love my girls a lots !!!! Hihi 

Then, we have a movie time ! We watched NERVE . I really recommend all of u to watch this movie because its so great and awesome !  5/5 GO AND WATCH IT !

Watch please , sumpah best hiks

And the hero also handsome , Dave Franco . If you guys had watch now you see me 2 , Yaaaa, Its him but just in a bit botak version hihi 

Okay, Thanks for reading 
Assalamualaikum ;)